Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jackass Lives ...On YouTube. Sort Of..

Do you ever wish you were back in the days of 2001 and could go out, get your weekly dose of booze and go home and watch the show Jackass when you got home late at night?

Well, those days maybe over but, on YouTube...regular schmoes like you and me... are compiling all kinds of "FAILS" for your eyeballs to feast on. Let's face it, we established long ago that I'm not right in the head but, I think you all maybe in denial. Admit it, you laugh when you see an old lady fall! Oh, maybe not right when it happens but, after you have established she didn't break a leg or something, you laugh your butt off. It's okay, you are not alone and I still love you. With that I share this link. I love the "FAIL" at the 1:10 mark. Click and laugh:

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