Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lindsay Lohans Crack Teeth Are Taking Over Hollywood!

Have you all seen the web site that gives actresses "Buscemi Eyes"?

Or the website that gives actresses "Butthead teeth"?

Well, I can't believe this but...I believe I am the first of the entire internet... here to show you HOLLYWOOD CHICKS WITH LINDSAY LOHAN CRACK TEETH!!!!! You remember those, right? Here is a refresher photo of Lindsay looking fresh as a crack-fed daisy!

And away we goooooo.........

First up... cracked out COURTNEY STODDEN! Have you read her tweets? They are the pure genius of a crackhead! Now, the teeth make the picture complete!

And number two (and she gets the distinctive and smelly "#2" for her song, California Girls! UGH!)
 ...KATY PERRY! Oh, and crack teeth would work with her pink hair, too!

Number Three...Natalie Portman! She gets the crack teeth treatment for making the film, Friends with Benefits No Strings Attached! How dare she do a film so dumb? SHE'S NATALIE PORTMAN! She must have been on crack!

And last but not least...one of my favorite actresses of all time...Penelope Cruz! Why? Because I am in love with her husband! ;D

It's all sexy ain't it? Let this be a lesson to you all. CRACK KILLS TOOFS!



    1. LMFAO... are you her mom or something? No one cares about Lindsay Lohan anymore...

  2. No, honey. That's the problem. Too many people have left her alone with her addictions and enabled her.

    Besides, crack teeth make it hard to get laid.