Monday, February 20, 2012

WARNING FOR YOUR EYE BALLS: Chyna Is Going To Make More Porn

And let's all file this under "What has been seen cannot be unseen". Eww.

The not yet released new film tentatively called Queen of the Ring has about 9 famous wrestling look-alikes and Chyna basically does them all. I wonder what the term "Queen" implies?

I have always pondered what would be seen if you check under Chyna's hood...would you find a doughnut hole or a maple bar? Or more to the point of my nightmare...a llllllittle bit of both? What is Chyna exactly? Because Chyna seems like a tranny woman in the face and a man in the voice. Chyna is rather tall, but wrapped in candy foil with a fake LV handbag. It's all too much for my small brain.

However, what I am not confused about is if I want to view Chyna's new porn movie.
Uh, no.

Via WWE News

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