Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet George...The 7-Ft. Great Dane!

George the Great-Great Dane lives in Tucson, Arizona and runs the house he lives in. His adoptive dad Dave Nasser explains that originally when he adopted George, he was the obvious runt of the litter, but that quickly changed and George took over the house, the bed and the refrigerator...

George the Great Dane weighs just over 250 lbs and his diet consists of chicken, rice and yogurt due to the sensitive stomach of the breed.

Awww. That is cool and all, but all I am really thinking about is how big those poop nuggets must be! It's not like you can just use those little baby-blue pooty-bags you get at Petco.

If I owned George...I think I would use those black industrial kitchen bags and I guess I would just carry the roll under my arm when walking the dog because they don't make poopy holders this big...

Uh-oh! I just occurred to me. What would I do with the poop bag afterward? Seriously! WHAT? It wouldn't fit in a city trash can.


Via Daily Mail

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