Friday, September 14, 2012

Drunkin' Dots Available In Washington, D.C.

Dippin' Dots may have gone the way of the dinosaur, but fear not my friends...because now they are new and improved WITH BOOOOZE!

Okay, it's not actually Dippin' Dots. As a matter of fact, the shreds of what is left of the company Dippin' Dots got their pantalones in a wad because a restaurant in Washington, D.C. named A-Bar basically copied the old Dippin Dots idea of slowly dropping an ice cream mixture in liquid nitrogen - improved the recipe when they included hooch  - and faster than you can freeze a squirrel in winter...the concoction is called Cryo-Speres.

*Yawn.* That is such a lame name.

The dark chocolate tequila Cryo-Speres look like frozen rabbit turds! Dippin Dots just needs to calm the eff down. It's not as if it's so special to have a dessert that looks like freeze-dried varmit butt bombs. This sort of thing is supposed to be fun. Dippin' Dots needs to get over it and let A-Bar call the boozy treat whatever the dot they please.

And see the happiness of the booze balls made right before your eyes for yourselves...

Via FoodBeast

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