Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How To Say Eff You To Co-Workers When You Quit Your Job

The fantastico exit of Mr. Joey of "Joey Quits" fame can never be reproduced again and I will forever smile every single time I watch and/or think about the face Joey's boss at the moment of delivery.

I even love the name Joey. I love it so much, I named a pet Joey and every time he fucks up by eating the blinds or lifting his leg on my other dog, I find myself saying..."Joey quit, Joey quit!!

What was I saying? Oh, yeah.

This afternoon, Buzzfeed loaded the perfect "I QUIT" letter we all have wanted to send at some point at the end of our professional careers...employed to dickheads!

We all now need to bow down and be secretly jealous we never got to write this letter ourselves!

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