Friday, September 14, 2012

Malaysia Has The Perfect Way To Spot The "GAY"

The Malaysian Educational Ministry has released and endorsed guidelines for parents - so they can spot the "gay" in their kids and correct it! And if that wasn't a ridiculous enough statement, just wait till you get a load of the load the educated folks are listing as symptoms - four for fehs and four for lesbionics.

List of hallmarks gayer than a three-dollar bill:

1. Have a muscular body and enjoy showing it off in tight clothes - specifically v-neck t-shirts.

2. Prefer tight or light colored clothes.

3. Attracted to men

4. Prefer the use of big handbags, similarly used by women.

Symptoms of your typical lesbot:

1. Attracted to women.

 2. Besides their female companions, they will distance themselves from other women.

3. Like to hang out, sleep and enjoy the company of women.

4. Have no affection for men.

Well, that certainly cleared it all up for the world because it was so confusing before we all came across this valuable information. We would have never known that a man being attracted to another man was a symptom of gay. We all just thought they were being extra friendly. And who would have thought young girls possessing "no affection for men" was a clue?

And damn everybody knows a dude in a v-neck tee is gay!

Via The Huffington Post

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